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The Expendables (2010)

Let me admit, the first time that I heard of this movie, I had butterflies in my stomach. The mere thought of having all those big stars together was awe-inspiring! When the first rushes for the movie had come out, I was actually a bit disappointed as it didn’t seem at all like the movie that I had thought of. But still with hopes of not getting disappointed, I finally decided to give “The Expendables” a shot and boy, did it throw me some surprise!!
As the movie begins, we are straight away thrown into the middle of action as Stallone leads his band of boys (men!!) into some serious ass-kicking!! They are mercenaries and the plot involves CIA hiring them for a dictatorship overthrow plan in the fictional island of Vilena. Aided by a pretty Giselle ItiĆ©, our band of heroes is up against the bad guys-Eric Roberts, Steve Austin and David Zayas. There are a couple of love stories and a traitor thrown in as sub-plots but essentially the “Good vs Bad” wafer-thinness is all that is in the name of plot. It might be the reason the critics are panning it, but it allows for the stars to take center stage and some awesome action to unfold. The movie is also filled with ample humor and one-liners along with some heavy talk from the mercenary-turned-tattoo artist (Mickey Rourke). Everyone gets a chance to be the butt of the joke and with subjects ranging from Jet Li’s height to Statham’s baldness to Stallone’s Rambo adventures, there is no chance of those wise cracks running dry!!
Expectations are bound to run sky high when you have the biggest line up of action stars. In actuality “The Expendables” is more of Stallone-Statham show with others (Ludgren, Coutre, Terry) thrown in for seasoning. The-Expendables-Movie-Stallone-And-StathamWhile this might seem be a bit of let-down for the fans, it works for the movie big time. After all, putting all of those big names into the thick of the action would have been a tough task for even Sly. And Stallone-Statham chemistry is wonderful as it brings out the best of both.
There of course is the big scene that everyone has awaited for so long, when the big three- Arnie, Stallone and Willis, share the same screen space. Without giving much away, the cameo though short but with little inside-jokes and wisecracks, is fulfilling in its own way. But the real strength of the movie lies in delivering where it matters- its action. It’s been a long time since I have spoken “Wow!” multiple times in an action movie without the source of that exclamation being a nifty camera trick, CGI or some crazy wire action. But out here, what you have is loads of raw, pure, men-against-men action that oozes with testosterone!! In fact, during the climax, there is a time when big explosions and gun fights take over which is very good but leaves me yearning for the amazing fist fights happening before that!!
In an era when CGI (read “Avatar”) leads the way by delegating actors to the background of action and action movies are essentially all about shaking cameras (read the “Bourne” series), “The Expendables” is a much needed breath of fresh air! It not only brings back the charm of 80s action but also has the star cast that justifies the mayhem that it unfolds on screen. Let me warn you, some of the action is brutal with bodies being blown apart, heads being decapitated in full detail. But with such a big body count, there has got to be blood! But if you are someone with a genuine love for action movies, leave your girlfriend home and rush to the nearest theatre for one of the best (if not the best!) action movies seen for a long time! There are talks of a sequel too, there goes my butterflies again!
RATING: ***1/2 (out of 5)
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