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Inception (2010)

Couple of years back I had watched a movie called “Memento” that was so convoluted and mind-numbing that I had to watch it twice to really enjoy the finer intricacies that it possessed. Back then, I also watched a movie called “The Matrix” that was such a big visual treat that I hardly paid attention to the story the first time around. And very recently I happened to see something called “Inception” that not only provided the same level of visual treat as the latter but was also as respectful of the viewer’s intelligence as the former. To summarize it, “Inception” is a movie buff’s dream (totally unintentional pun!!)come true!!
To try summarizing the movie’s plot would be a gross injustice to ten year’s worth of effort that Nolan put into this, so I would just describe a global overview of the scheme of things. Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is an “extractor” who steals ideas from a person’s mind by sharing their dreams. During one such job, he meets Saito (Ken Watanbe), who wants him to do something similar but much more difficult- plant a fresh idea in someone’s mind or an “inception” without making the other person realize that the idea is not his own. If you want to pull off a big one like that, you need the best and therein lies one of the biggest strengths of the movie- its amazing ensemble cast. 1920x1200_12_zeroGravity
Cobb’s team is formed of “The Point Man”(Joseph Gordon-Levitt), who happened to be my favorite character just for remaining so wonderfully unfazed in the midst of all the action. “The Architect” (Ellen Page), who designs the dream world; being new to all this herself allows the character to also serve as an able audience’s guide to the world. “The Forger”, ably played by Tom Hardy, meanwhile is nice comic relief at times with his deadpan sense of humor. Along with them we also have “The Chemist” (Dileep Rao), and Cobb’s dead wife or “The Shade” who slowly reveals pages of Cobb’s dark past, every time she appears. The fact that the entire movie is happening at different levels of the dream, allows for each of these characters to flourish in their unique importance.
Much has been written about the confusing nature of the plot with multiple level of story-telling but to me, it wasn’t very difficult to follow. Maybe having been forewarned by my peers that the script would be hard to comprehend, I was perhaps watching every scene too intricately! Direction by Nolan is exquisite to say the least, neither as abstract in its uniqueness as “Memento” nor too self-absorbed in its twists like “The Prestige”. The entire cast led by DiCaprio, shine in perfection and there is a delightful little cameo by Nolan favorite Michael Caine to make things more interesting.
InceptionWhile the script, direction and the acting are top-notch, it’s the technical aspects of the movie that towers it heads and shoulders above any other movie released before. The scenes of dreams collapsing, Paris folding onto itself, the gravity-defying fight sequences in the hallway are just some examples that will get adrenaline pumping into your veins. The surprising thing is that in essence, each of these sequences are rather simple in concept but you never get the impression due to their grandeur. The icing on the cake is the pulsating soundtrack by Hans Zimmer that hammers home the effect of each and every frame.
If the Academy does not give Nolan an Oscar nod (if not the actual award), then I would quit watching them! All in all, “Inception” is one of those rare films of 2010 that you would want to watch again and again If not for anything, maybe just to have a clearer understanding of the final frame of the movie that Nolan uses to tease the viewer with!! Winking smile
RATING: ****1/2 (out of 5)
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